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Taking care of jewelry and gemstones

Many women complain that their new jewelry changes color and becomes pale void of any effulgence as if it is old. This has nothing to do with the quality of the jewelry but rather with the woman’s care of its brightness to maintain its new look.

Most women never think of cleaning their jewelry because they are afraid of ruining it or thinking that cleaning is unnecessary. However, what many fail to know is the fact that jewelry is just like other valuable items needs constant care and cleaning so that it doesn’t lose its brightness and splendor and lasts longer especially when it comes to neck and hand jewelry which, because of the direct contact with the skin and as a result of the interaction caused by sweat, lotions, cosmetics, perfume, soap, and other factors, loses its splendor if not protected efficiently.

• How to deal with the problem?

It is so simple. Daily wrist and neck jewelry can be cleaned as needed either by soap and warm water or by detergents and a clean smooth toothbrush with a special focus on cleaning the angles. The jewelry then should be rinsed thoroughly with warm water. Afterwards; it should be dried well with a smooth cloth and then polished with a special cloth for the purpose. It is recommended that the jewelry be washed in pots and not in the sink for fear that some stones might fall off and be lost.

Be careful not to expose the jewelry to hot water followed immediately by cold water as this damage some precious stones it.

• Taking care of Gemstones

DIAMOND: Diamond is the hardest and the strongest of all gemstones that can not be scratched unless rubbed against another piece of diamond. However, its brilliance can be affected by some substances. Therefore, to protect the diamonds you should keep them separately keeping in mind that a diamond may also scratch other stones, minerals, and pearls.

EMERALD: This beautiful stone should not be exposed to extreme heat or to extremely cold or hot water. It is highly affected by bumps.

PEARL: Pearls can be cleaned just like other jewels with special attention as not to expose them to heat if the stones are fixed with an adhesive. On the other hand, if the pearl has the form of a necklace or set into a bracelet on a thread, the thread should not be exposed to water.